21 thoughts on “ACC: All City Crew Graffiti

  1. you guys are still such fucking losers!

    Im glad your boy got shot in the head,
    blood spillin’ and fillin’ sunset park all red,
    he got fucked up in every one on one,
    ask “RD” , “Benz” or all the other cats that made him their son,
    “Mike’s” lucky he got wasted-he had no real destination,
    violatin’ conversatin’ and messin’ with that almighty nation,
    oops dont want to give away too much-all well,
    ask dro and neta who’s gonna be joining MS, rottin’ in hell?
    just playin’ yo! seriousley keep tagging up at 35 that shit is cool, maybe your lowlife kids, out of wedlock will think its funny when their daddy is locked up by NYPD “all city” vandal squad?

    1. It takes a real bitch ass nigga to speak ill of the dead.I hope when you die niggas dig up your corpse and skull fuck you till jizz drips out your eye sockets.
      Real niggas fight with fist Cowards need weapons and crews to fight battles.You know you scared when you have to pull out a gun and take a life.
      (I know this post is mad old but I just saw it for the first time and it pissed me off.)

      Rest In Peace MSone ACC

  2. Hey Dro did prison teach you how to read and write english yet????.. you scared up deformed face freak of nature loser.. What a fuckin loser you are, grow up dipshit.

  3. Fuck hdd…herbs dickn dogs…gay ass white boys who don’t know how to fight….always calln the cops when they got beef…fake ass wannabe mafioso….u lames never leave ur hood….scared ass ni99as…MS fckd up rd and benz u fckn cock suckuz…MSone ACC RIP

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