1. damn, as much as i want to say “man slick was only cool when nobody knew anything about shading and letters didnt have to be in a piece” i actually like this show a lot. i would it isnt what i’d expect…..and for the record slick won the battle with hex and continues to win. those who disagree look up hector rios on google. but i am learning tattoo techniques from old hex/slick shit. the only thing missing here is that slicks show is based on tags…but i dont think he ever did enough street work to be pumping tags out on canvas 20 years later. but dope show none the less. and way cool tempt piece up there. word on that

  2. This Slick show is dope. San Francisco came up. Grey can keep thinking what he wants, to all og L.A southside, central and eastside writers, Hex TGO rocked both times. He has had 6 strokes since the battles 20 years ago, he also has dedicated his life to helping hundreds of kids from every jail, San Diego to Frisco. Hex was straight born and raised in downtown Los Angeles, put in years of streetwork, He also put California on the map, and he never once talked shit about Slick, That’s why to this day we got his back.

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