Great seeing you again, so why don’t you set the record straight. . .

It was 1975 or 76, wait it had to be 75 cuz we were in junior high school. I came up from 198th st in the Kingsbridge section of the Bronx. The original 6 members of the Mission Graffiti Crew were Mark 198, KIT 17, Hycen, Flip 13, Fuzz One and CB13. We started hitting the New York City buses and then went to the train yards to hit the D’s and the 4’s. We were the king of the 4’s in ‘76 and ‘77. During the Blackout we bombed hard. The 4 yard was under Tracey Towers by the Mosholu Parkway and it was our backyard, know as the Woodlawn Barnyard, biggest work bum shed in the Bronx. We went there just to hang out and have a good time, when we wanted to paint we would rack in Manhattan, Westchester, Queens, New Rochelle, Riverdale, Staten Island, where ever. We would walk to Westchester and back to Bronx if we had to.

Who else was out there at that time. . .there’s alot of people talking shit now. . .

Team Go, Tracy 168, Peanut 2, Cliff 159, Blade, Comet, LSD 3, Shadow, Crime 79, MS 161 (R.I.P.), Nine (R.I.P.), Bot 707, Nick 707, Clyde, Peso 131, Padre Dos (R.I.P.), Bear 167 (R.I.P.), Devil, Mike 170, Billy 167 (R.I.P.) who was a style master who influenced alot of 80’s writers and some others.

How has graf changed?

We weren’t trying to out do each other, we were trying to help each other. This new school shit is popping but all business, no crew, no friends, no family, it far from it’s roots now. Legal Eagles trying to get fame by posting it on their web pages, while there’s heads in jail for the same thing, it’s wrong.

Word on the street is your making a come back and working on some canvas’, is that true?

Yea, check for me this year. . . it’s all dropping in 08.

Check the official history at our my space page


Thanks Bro. . .Check you in the BX

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