Bomb it movie NYC premiere tonight!

Award winning director Jon Reiss’ new documentary, Bomb It, a global graffiti film, premieres around the country starting NOW.

Reiss traveled to 5 continents and interviewed almost 200 artists.  Personalities such as Cornbread, Lady Pink, KRS One, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, and others share their lives with the camera.

The myriad complexities regarding public space were explored in New York, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Barcelona, Berlin, Cape Town, São Paulo, and Tokyo, and Los Angeles.

The 93-minute film screens across the country this spring (  Docurama Films will release it on DVD May 27th.

Here’s all the info… NYC info first, followed by our press release.

FYI, the DVD comes out May 27, 2008 through Docurama Films.

event info:


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