NOC 167 art

NOC 167 has been one of my favorite writers for many years. In the late 80s I met him and hung with him on a number of occasions when he we would bump into each other at Henry Chalfant’s studio. Both Noc and I were friends of Henry’s and we could always count on him to open the door for us. Back then Noc was homeless and suffering from schizophrenia. He was no longer the style master he was known for in the 70s but we hung out anyway. By the 90s I lost touch with him and didn’t bump into him at all. I never knew what happened to him. Every 5 years or so there was a Noc sighting and I was always happy to hear that he was alive. Over the years I ended up collecting his old art work which seem to be hard to find and he certainly doesn’t have any of it. Here and there I have found some gems. But lately I have reconnected with him thru my friends, Pink and Smith, and have been able to hang with him and push him to draw again. it’s been quite amazing. He’s not the same man that he was in the 70s but he has a natural artistic talent. Here are some works from him that show the inner workings of an old style writer who also happens to be dealing with a serious mental illness. Peace.


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