The DMS Book

DMS is more than a crew, more than a squad, more than a group of brothers united by shared experience and culture. While it is all of those things, it is more. DMS is equally a mentality, it’s about being down-for-life with one another, and it’s about the deep values of honor, respect, friendship and pride that inform the daily habits, decisions and overall points of view of its increasingly diverse worldwide membership. Most of all, it’s a true family in every sense of the word.

New York Hardcore Tattoo: Hardcore icons Jimmy Gestapo and Vinny Stigma founded New York Hardcore Tattoo in 1999. Over the last decade, NYHC Tattoo has become a staple meeting space for some of the most influential individuals in the New York Hardcore scene and beyond.

DMS For Life:
A Maori Warrior said, “Tattooing commenced at puberty, accompanied by many rites and rituals. In addition to making a warrior attractive to women, the tattoo marked both rites of passage and important events in a person’s life.” Frank Book Chapter 33 features a deailed photo series on the intricate and abundant tattoo work found on DMS members such as Hoya, Toby, Jere and Lord Ezec.

Cold As Life:
DMS family member Mike “The Gook” grew up in Detroit before moving to NY and uniting with the crew. As bass player for bands such as Vehement Serenade and Cold As Life, and a core member of Black N Blue Productions, to Mike, DMS means family, respect, love and unity.


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