Amuk bigger than Saber?

Here it is the joiner and the story in his own words from the main that is Mr Amuk….

“yo, my little story.

“The joiner for this has been up in a few places already but this is the kinda official posting.

“In the last year or so graff has seen a number of big pieces crop up, Aroe’s MSK, our KYS, RT’s big wall then Ekto stepped up with a big wildstyle, setting the pace for the next contender.

“Those of you who know me will know I have a bit of a hankering for going big, I have done a few big piece and always enjoy a big chrome here and there. I have always wanted to do something huge, ever since I heard about Saber’s huge pieces and the monster in the L.A river. For about a year I have been keeping my eyes and ears open for a wall big enough to do something like this, I remembered seeing a video clip of a wall that looked huge but I couldnt think where I saw it or where it was located. Recently I met a writer called Naru and after talking for a bit, told me about a big wall near newcastle. After seeing some photos I realised it was the one from the video so I started planning to take a trip up there.

“Before I got there I had a few set backs, weather, travel, ladders etc, paint wasnt an issue as I have been stockpiling mulsh for about a year and had about 300 ltrs. After sorting out the problems and getting a run of good weather I set off. The journey itself was a mission, filling a car with nearly 200ltrs of paint doesnt do a great deal for performance or economy. Once I got there I sussed the area out, found the wall and chose a spot to paint. The wall holds a jam every year and I didnt want to spoil any of what got painted at the previous one, the wall didnt seem to get painted that much and people respected the jam work so I followed suit. So that I didnt take out anything too new or untouched I found a spot that had a few trees breaking up the stretch, I ended up taking these out to get a long section on the wall, not your usual wall management!

“Marking up the piece was pretty hard, I have never marked up anything this big so it was difficult translating the proportions. The sketch I had was one I had done quite recently so it was all quite fresh in my mind, once I had done the first mark up I stepped back to check it but compared to the sketch it didnt look long enough so I stretched it out about an extra 30ft. The outline isnt that wild, I wanted it to have alot of weight so I went for something more chunky than tech but still with a bit of an evil side and some sharp cuts.

“Actually painting the piece was the hardest thing I have ever done. I had no help and only a long roller and a ladder to reach the top. It took so much effort, physical and mental. The bottom of the wall has been painted a fair few times so rolling that was pretty easy but the top 10/12ft was bare and soaked up the paint like a sponge. The other tough thing is running up and down a 200ft stretch of wall all day with two rollers strapped together, a 24ft ladder and a big pot of paint. I originally planned for a week up there but I ended up pulling 12 hour shifts for 4 days to get this beast finished, I would have taken longer with it but by the end of the 4th day I was to tiered, dehydrated and badly sunburnt to carry on. I also ran out of black spray paint to do the details so that kinda put a early end to things.

“Im pretty happy with how it all turned out, I wanted to do more with the background, make the cracks better and do some nicer touches but as a whole I think its ok. I didnt set out to break any records, my main aim was to have some fun and mainly test what i can do. I’m kinda glad its over, the whole thing tested me physically, mentally, and also tested my love for graff but I can safely say its still 110%.

“I know Ekto has put up a comparison of the big pieces and it would seem that my piece has beaten the saber piece in length, I dont wana claim anything as to me Saber is a total god and I dont want to be compared to such a pioneering writer. Before the rumours start flying and the haters start hating, I didnt get an official measurement so everything is rough and could be a few feet either way. Like I said earlier, my plan wasnt to beat anyone, just to have some fun with it. Mad props to Saber and all the other dudes out doing big stuff, having done it myself its not an easy task so respects to all the heavy hitters.

“I have to say a huge thanks to a couple of dudes. Faos, for putting me up and being a fully safe bloke, the Thoup boys for company, especially Mr La Rue for the photos, lunch and your a life saver for the water and also Aem for the pics and making me chuckle. Dont think I’d have stuck it out without you guys.

The rough measurements of the piece are…

Height. 20-25ft
Length. 190-200ft


– Amuk KYS LTD

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