This Video features these graff crews: ADT,NVS,BTC,BCK,VOP,SUB,RV,3DB,RBK,NSV.. .

Featuring these writers: Teck TD BASS167 Oval Cone Halo Spek Wayz Reck Meck Slick Gage Are2 None Shear and more!!

vIDEO Music:
#1- The lox Puff daddy-All about the benjamins (instramental)
#2- 50 Cent-Patiently waiting (instamental)
#3- Lil Wayne-Block iz hot (instramental)
#4- Brand nubian-Punks jump up to get beat down.
#5- Cassidy-Im a hustler (instramental)

from : xMrdutch730x

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