Young Couple Dies After Falling From Bronx Roof

Investigators Do Not Suspect Suicide

NEW YORK (CBS) ― Police say a young couple died after plummeting six stories from a Bronx rooftop. The intertwined bodies of 21-year-old Michael Rodriguez and 19-year-old Melissa Lopez were found shortly after 5 a.m. Saturday behind a Parkchester building.

Police are unsure why the two fell but don’t believe their deaths were suicides. Investigators don’t know why Rodriguez and Lopez were on the roof of a building where they didn’t live.

“He’s my only son,” cried Jackeline Rodriguez. “I just I don’t know.”

Rodriguez’ mother was in a state of shock, unable to fathom what led to the 6 story plunge from a roof top for her son and his girlfriend.

Candles flickered under photos of the couple who were together for several years. Rodriguez worked as a delivery man while training to be an electrician. Lopez was studying to be a hair stylist.

“She was a wonderful person,” Lopez’ cousin Amanda Zayas said. “She was funny she was smart.”

The couple went clubbing Friday night. For reasons unknown they found their way to a Parkchester roof top – miles away from their homes.

Neighbors say the top of the building is a hang out for young people in the area.

“I see a lot of kids [that] don’t even live here go up on the roof,” said building resident Suman Banik.

Police say they don’t suspect suicide, and there is no evidence they were pushed – a mystery for the medical examiner.

At the crowded sidewalk memorial, Jackeline Rodriguez had this message from one devastated mother to all the young people of the city: “Teenagers stay off the rooftops. Accidents can happen.”


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