All City Crew over Obey – Art Basel Miami 2008

After Wk getting punch,here comes Obey getting dissed!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

15 thoughts on “All City Crew over Obey – Art Basel Miami 2008


  2. Why hate on someone who made it. …. His “street art” is now in the public eye… Jealousy takes us no where in life.

  3. First of all, I don’t know, or have beef with anyone from ACC including Dro. I actually have a very clean record of NOT going over people. I respect other artists who take risks on the streets no matter what I think of the quality of their work itself. The only notable recent exception, which I both explained and apologized for on the net, was a large Obama piece on the corner of Houston and Bowery in NYC. I took an 8 foot tall hand painted Obama that took many hours to paint to put over an old icon face that I had at the same spot for years. It was an extremely windy day,and I ended up having to put the poster lower partially over a MARTY fill in, which already had a tag on top of it anyway, because my Obama poster started falling apart. If I had been putting up an Obey piece, I would just have aborted. However, I felt that the Obama image was for a larger cause than my or anyone else’s street fame. I let Marty know what happened and to go back over the spot after the election. He went over it the following week, and Obama supporters went and cleaned his piece off. The bottom line is that some people will try to find any excuse to be haters rather than to put the real work in. I’ve been doing street art for 19 years and have been arrested 14 times. I started out with a $4.25 job at a skate shop. I worked my way up by just putting in work, not creating petty shit with people. Look at the mural I did and look at what ACC did over it… how fucking lazy. I didn’t see a 50 foot long ACC mural in Miami. I also didn’t see 25 large illegal spots around Miami, which is what I did, and I know they went over at least one of the other spots. Sure, I’m aggravated when my spots get messed with by my peers, but more than being mad, I feel sorry for people who are that pathetically desperate and can’t shine on their own. As far as the comment about my street art being “corporate”, I’m used to the cheap shots, but know that no one funds my stuff but me. I started with nothing, and now I make a living from art. I’ll never apologize for that and I think most of the criticism comes from jealous people who lack the tenacity to make art a career. I’m less a part of the “system” than a waiter or a store clerk, because I am my own boss. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that being a wage slave is”keeping it real”. Anyway,I’m not trying to antagonize ACC, I genuinely wish success to anyone who works hard. However, I’ve watched generations of haters come and go and I just stick to my thing… there is nothing productive that comes out of getting caught up in drama.
    -Shepard Fairey

  4. Shepard,

    In regards to your work being labeled “corporate”, it is.

    It’s not a cheap shot because it’s true. You poster your work on over-priced t-shirts at the Buckle, you have press releases that you are suing an artist over copyright infringements and your work has become so mundane that they sell bootleg t-shirts of your imagery in Bangkok, along side Coco-Cola t-shirts. I can’t think of a better word to describe your work than “corporate”. It seems like you are less an artist than the head designer at a brands and marketing firm.

    In no way am I trying deride you for your accomplishments or how you make your money. You have been doing street art for a very long time and you have accomplished more than most people can dream. But how you choose to market yourself and your work has put you in this category.


  5. that shit is funny fuck obey fake ass writer you should be ashamed your lucky andre is not alive he choke u out dont hate on real nyc writers …. i could watch that video all day

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