Relm ksn for Alchemist

when posting this video a few ago,i thought it was Reas who designed it..

According to Revok,i was wrong,it was Relm!

-For those that remember RELM -and those that are too young to know, he was one a bad mother-fucker. -The piece he did with the 3 little ghoul/ghost/spirit dudes wiggling through the halo above his piece and all of the fire and shit is still to this day one of my favorite pieces ever done… i wish i had a photo of it! -anybody out there have a decent shot of it please hook me up!

-here are a few other gems i found on

-peep the video… he did directed and did all of the animation.
-Check the Silverlake/Williamsburg-esque hipster getting eaten alive around the 1:58 second mark.

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