COCO 144: La Fórmula

Reception: 7pm-10pm
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

bOb Gallery
235 Eldridge St. (
Near Stanton)
New York City NY 10002


Trains: F or V to Second Ave.

Exhibit closes Jan. 31, 2009


COCO 144 began to write his name on the streets in late 1969, then participated in the first generation of subway writers from 1970-1972, making a significant mark on the Broadway line and becoming one of major writers of Manhattan. While painting in the subway system, he created the first stencil in the writing movement enabling him to place his name in many areas faster, maintaining a unique style and becoming one of the most famous aerosol artists worldwide.

In 1972 he helped organize various groundbreaking art exhibitions of the most prolific subway writers of New York City. He established workshops and exhibitions and facilitated the writing movement to transition into galleries in New York and internationally. COCO 144 became one of the first writers to ground break into the Art world in 1973. His work has been exhibited throughout New York, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Basel, Switzerland. In 2008, he was commissioned by Rockefeller University to paint the Sensory Neuroscience Mural in the university laboratory.

Flyer direct from COCO 144: Press Release Info taken from

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