Graff Since 69 CHAZ BOJORQUEZ OPENING NIGHT: Saturday, January 31st, 2009, 7-10 PM

As the longest active graffiti writer, Bojorquez, has graced the cityscapes of Los Angeles as well as
galleries and art collections with his “Cholo style” graffiti. In the early 80’s the 01 Gallery was one of
the first galleries to feature Chaz’s work establishing a 25-year relationship that has featured Chaz’s
progression as an urban and fine art painter. From participating in 01 Gallery’s 1985 group show
“Western Exterminators” alongside underground art luminaries ‘Big Daddy’ Ed Roth and Robert Williams
to curating “Next Step,” an exhibition of rising graffiti artists that included MEAR ONE, MAN ONE,
RETNA and others, Chaz has been the pioneer in “Cholo style” graffiti and in Chicano culture.

01 Gallery at Barker Block
Artist District of Downtown Los Angeles

530 South Hewitt Street #141 / Los Angeles CA 90013 213.689.0101

One thought on “Graff Since 69 CHAZ BOJORQUEZ

  1. cholo and philly/new york style writing. are so far apart and differnt.

    he is not a graffiti writer! writing is a philly based art form to call your self a writer is a new york term.
    i give him the credit for cholo graffiti but calling your self the longest living active graff writer …you got some nerve! come on this guy is full of it.

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