Married To The Mob x Krink | T-Shirt & Marker

mob-krink-tshirt-3 Married To The Mob x Krink | T-Shirt & Marker

KRINK inks and markers have chosen an entire crew of Valentine’s day ladies to smother with metallic kisses by collaborating with Married to the MOB.

February makes way for the release of an exclusive co-branded t-shirt printed with MTTM’s classic pink stamp logo, coupled with KRINKS’ signature silver drip style. KRINK and the M.O.B came together, both because of an existing friendship and an on-going involvement in the streetwear industry. Merging an NYC street artist with Married to the Mob’s feminine and edgy aesthetic makes for yet another classic collaboration.

The pack includes a hot pink KRINK marker stamped with MTTM’s trademark kiss-logo on a metallic-pink custom colored label. Married to the Mob keeps it New York City centric by having the photo shot by Brooklyn’s own Timothy McGurr (13thWitness) and modeled by Chelsea’s infamous “Sweet 16″, overlooking the city from the top of the Empire State Building.

Have a look at both colorways of the t-shirt and the marker after the jump.

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