http://www.Dirtypilot.com turns a NO SHOW into a NEW SHOW!!
As rumors circulate of graffiti artists Seen’s health issues, his art work never showed up at dirtypilot.
Needless to say, no SEEN show this month.
With help from Alan Ket and others, graffiti all stars joined  for an impromptu  group show. http://www.dirtypilot.com/show1-1.html GRAFF2K9
With Graff legends such as Crime 79, Min, Tack  FBA, Part One, Fuzz One, Noc 167, cern YMI , Ces- One, Daze, Ghost, T Kid, Ket, RIFF 170  and others. Check it out http://www.dirtypilot.com
Also in the pilots lounge The Master Blaster IZ THE WIZ took over with more than 40 totally dope pieces, Not to be missed.
We apologize to Bravo Jett who’s show was postponed till the fall due to all the confusion this month.
And remember, where would the urban and contemporary art scene be today if these guys weren’t out there hitting the trains 30 years ago!! Think about that!

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