Persue a man of many talents brings us Bunny Kitty

Persue pronounced (per sway) is somewhat of an anomaly among his peers. His design resume pre-dates almost any example of street aesthetics being paired with skateboarding. His earliest designs and art were essentially the catalyst that created modern day
youth culture as we know it.

Much of his work is in plain sight and yet his name is practically never attached to it.

When he first entered the industry Adobe software was still brand-new and practically unheard of to the general public. Graffiti artists were not considered artists and they were certainly not considered designers.

Even the collision of the hip hop and skateboard youth cultures had yet to happen. Yes, there was a time when the two were
completely alien to one another. Believe it or not Persue would play a role in changing all of these things for good.

read the rest here

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