Michael Anderson

Micahael Anderson has been collecting graffiti stickers as art (as well as other
paper materials) found on the street since the early 90’s. He told me he’s got
the worlds biggest collection, something like 40,000 stickers. WTF!

There is some serious history in his collection. The following are all from 1994.

Most of the materials he collects are used towards his art; collage. He’s currently
having a show at the Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea that’s worth checking out.

More to come on Anderson next week.

from: http://www.onlynylives.com/news/?p=474

10 thoughts on “Michael Anderson

  1. WELL, ANDERSON GREAT STUFF! I HOPE THAT IN FUTURE, WHEN YOU WRITE YOUR FIRST BOOK AND CASH IN. Can you contribute a scholarship foundation for the arts for the inner city children.

  2. Yo tunnel rat keep your sarcasm. Your just a no name who thinks your part of the graf game. ‘tunnel rat’ , yea right son. Your an internet graff nerd.

  3. You are missing the point toy, Martha cooper, Henry Chalfant, Grody, James T and Karla L Murray have done very well on the back of poor inner city kids. (ghetto kids). And cats like you who speak to other like “yea right son ” it is the problem, upgrade yourself and educated yourself so that they can respect use, son!!!

  4. I despise people who rip down OTHER writer’s stickers from the streets. I HATE THAT SHIT…

  5. No actually I am not missing the point. You’re knocking artists who have documented graffiti history as if they are taking away from ‘poor inner city children’. Give me a break. Stop trying to identify and/or look out for ‘ghetto kids’ when you obviously are not one and can’t see outside of the box.
    … You ‘despise’ ? Please, if you understood the history behind Anderson’s collection you would smack yourself. You’re just mad no one has cared to remove your toy stickers to keep or document. Besides… GRAFF IS DEAD.

  6. No besides…Graff is not dead as long you have spray paint on the shelves or can purchase all these beautiful color and different brands of spray cans online, it will live, it will live!!!!!!DO you smell it! Do you smell it! “Paint”

    “Dirty Tunnel Rat”

  7. “Martha cooper, Henry Chalfant, Grody, James T and Karla L Murray have done very well on the back of poor inner city kids. (ghetto kids)” Yea, and you wouldn’t have any clue about real NY graff history if it weren’t for them. I could care less at this point about you – your last comment says it all. “as long as you can buy all these beautiful colors and brands of spray cans online”, wow is all I can say. Next time, lets respect the work of Michael Anderson instead of knocking it down with rude comments. After all, it was posted on this site for a reason.

  8. books need to be written and history must be documented. And writers are “too cool” to do it themselves so who else is gnna do it? Long love Subway art and Broken Windows.

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