Nogin Wiggles Pt.2

from KEO@12OZ

This weekend was beast-mode for The Kid, I did three pieces in two days. I will post the others a little later, but first up was my personal favorite.
When I heard my man Mr.Wiggles TC-5 Rock Steady Crew FBA Zulu Kings was coming to town and wanted to piece, I thought about the Nogin Wiggles car that SEEN TC-5 and DOZE never got to finish.

I quickly whipped up a NOGIN2 outline

and we were ready to rock steady.

Wigz is so old school that he showed up with all Krylon! I was like Ummm, you aint really gonna try and outline with THAT are you? I gave him a Montana to outline with, but the fill is All American.

3 thoughts on “Nogin Wiggles Pt.2

  1. yo Seen!! It’s good to see you’re still doin your thang, hot as ever! where’s Ces157? Holla back if u can…Myles

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