Sharp “Magical Radical Renegades”

Sharp “Magical Radical Renegades”


Paintings / Sculpture
| Show: 07.05.2009 – 06.06.2009

Magical Radical Renegades
“Assassins of the Golden Age”

Show in GENEVA

Address: Grand Rue 13, CH-1204, Geneva, Switzerland.

Opening Hours: Wednesday – saturday from 1 to 6 pm and by appointement.

For his new show in Geneva called Magical Radical Renegade “Assassins of the Golden Age”, invites us to reinterpret the United States’ history through a focus on black people todays status and evolution, low culture, and judaic spirituality. Using silkscreen, posters, lobby cards and photographs of civic rights activists.

Besides, the artist takes a new direction, experimenting a very large metal sculpture Called “Fate must change its verdict”, Sharp materializes after years of research on making his letters originally in 3D, using wood cut techniques, he moves from the wall to the ground.

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