Evidence and Graffiti Writing

Among L.A. hip-hoppers and graff writers, everyone knows that both Rakaa and Evidence of Dilated Peoples (used to?) write graffiti, but it’s always been speculated and rumored as to which crew they wrote for. Ever since the War 4 shoutout that Evidence dropped (which the media would later mistake Ev for BUCKET TKO), some wondered if Ev wrote TKO. Personally, I heard MSK. I’ve heard others say MTA and CBS…

So, one day at Fat Beats L.A. after his FREE performance (which was off the chain! BUY THE LAYOVER!) EV sets the record STRAIGHT.

12 thoughts on “Evidence and Graffiti Writing

  1. M.S.K crew from the 1 train in the early 80’s or the one’s that did not do there homework! plz try to do better with the hand style. wack!!!

    1. LOL,,,,I am DIAONE,from The original “MSK”crew in NYC,207st MANHATTAN..I was part of a history that will never happen again..”NEW YORK CITY GRAFFITI”and “HIP HOP”..A movement of art,poetry,dance,and music.We are heroes,and legends,part of a culture that has been emulated the world over.My crew “MSK” is a big part of NYC,graff.We did it all,you name it,and we did it.We embraced the culture in a way that made us famous.And to see a crew from Los Angeles,CA take our name-MSK,and my “TAG”-DIA is obvious of how much influence we had..This crew msk from LA,are obviously very talented,and they have turned their craft into a business.That is great.But why take my name,and crew name,knowing that it was a part of history,and was already used.They are not graffiti writers,they are simply artist.you see graff artist no longer exist.The day,that the MTA-in NYC wash-clean the last train with graff on it,was the day that graff ended!!!Today we have a counterculture who try to infiltrate, the NYC GRAFF culture and subvert the mass media culture,and energize it with a fresh but fake parallel to NYC GRAFF ART.If back then,and i mean 25yrs ago had the resource,that msk-from Cali has,and time to do a mural,with no cops on am “ASS”,,,well i think,no i know that we would have done art to the scale that they are doing today.But we had maybe 1hr to pull a train,or a wall,we had no sponsors,no money and we had steal our paint…I am honored that my name and crew has been copied.But in history of graff, we all know who made the the name “MSK” famous,and who the real “DIA” is.Thanks tunnel rat….

  2. hes right tho, they rock a crew name that was an original NYC crew from the heights, its one thing if they was wack, but MSK was a dope train crew.

  3. If you didn’t know now you know MSk true NYC graffiti legends Dia incredible talented writer Manhantan Subway kings weren’t called that for nothing if this was back in the days the LA Dia would of been summoned to change or add a Number to his tag or would be know as a toy bitter …My brothers Dia Magmum 2new Chi NyC graffiti can be imitated but never duplicated …crazyEd ADS from the BX

  4. ok let’s get something straight right now, MSK is a nyc bboy crew fro the 80’s that had members who were kingz of the 1 line broadway trains like SAK, RUN, DIA, MAGNUM, and KC thses dudes were legends and still are for a bunch of suckers from cali to come and take a name that has been so important to so many ppl for so long<, is insulting! almost every tagger from cali has a name or pushes a crew that has already been used in NYC! GET OFF OUR DICK! AND DO YOUR HISTORY BEFORE REPPING A TAG OR CREW! here in nyc sertain ppl are trying to start a movement to diss all cali graff activity in nyc kinda of like getting blackjack for roaches fuck the fake MSK! this will alwayz be known in ny as an ny crew!

  5. Just to get the story and the history straight. MSK originally began in the fall of 1983. I know this for fact because I was there. Chi.furn.made.wase were the first 4 members. Made msk is credited with the crew name and it stood for “Manhattan Subway Kids” . We were youngster running dyckman layups and battling crews from brooklyn for dominance of the “A” line. Fame came quick and expanstion came heavy. We were the youngsters running with some heavy uptown gangsta crews. “MR” betta known as Manhattan Rebels. We all held down the block 204-207 st bway to post ave. Now some of these members were older. Dia is furn’s older brother and 2New was dating one of Mades sisters. Some time between 85-86. We all merged into a massive crew. “Manhattan Subway Kings” was born. Members included Dia-president, 2-New-warlord, Magnum-vice Pres. Chi, furn, made, wase, ram, dae, nie, Kc and the list goes on. We were a force to be reckoned with in any yard north of 168. Including 175, Bedford, and the ghost yard. Now fast forward to 1990. I moved to LA and noticed some kids repping msk. It seemed to me it was some one from the ny branch. Many of the writers names were exactly the same as original writers in ny. But not true. So i just payed it no mind. Just to be clear, no matter the talent or the fame. All due respect. We are the real deal originators. MSK FOREVER. CHI-MSK

    1. This is a message to all the fake,MSK crew in California,LA.
      Get ready for a reality check.
      We are back.
      Fuck the west coast!
      East coast will rule.

      1. Hello to the”GRAFFITI WORLD”
        As we all know,time passes.And back in the 80’s, I was the president of MSK.A prolific graffiti crew,in NYC..
        I like all others,have to preserve the history.
        So to keep the ,MANHATTAN SUBWAY KINGS, and our history. Alive,and move forward..
        The new president of MSK,is “KISTER”..


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