On June 29th Graffiti artist gathered in San francisco California to pay tribute and respect to the legend IZ THE WIZ.

Thanks to all the writers that came thru and showed love.
STAN153 – CHEPH – BODE – NATE – PENGO – CUBA and all the rest.

One thought on “IZ THE WIZ / SF TRIBUTE / R.I.P.

  1. yo this is stan 153 thanks for posting the wall up on your site..we might have beef or disagree about a style.but were all family and were all we got east coast west coast europe…it doesnt matter….mike was one of my best friends through it all”’i mean almost 40 years it was the least we could do for a pioneer, legend,and one of my best friends and brothers,,,peace and respect to the fam of iz…we all will miss him and i will especially miss my brother too!thanks for holdin it down for all of us . its good to have your site around thankx stan 153..holla back

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