2 thoughts on “SEEN TC5 ROCK’S THE P-FUNK

  1. Yo, word to the brotha’
    I mean the mutha, my brotha from back in the day,
    what up SEEN, whatchu say?.

    Glad to see you bobbin’ N weavin’ at the WALLS
    not robbin’ thievin’ in piss stickes halls.
    Breakin’ down once agian , a master from the the beginin’ of Graffs infinity;
    remember we and him had in mind a trinity.
    You lost nuttin Honey.

    Did I hear sombody say Gesundheits, Oh shit, telepathy;
    yeah , I’m kickin’ it Germany
    Brotha See to the N-ose;
    Sir that is. Rockin’ it w/out a pose
    not painin’ no mind to the third rail
    puttin’ it down as Pail all the while sippin,
    in the dark-
    dippin’ wit some Ballentine Ale.

    Yeah, dem’s was a time
    me you and Doze blastin’ the village wit our home made rhymes
    searchen for an aesthetik pillage.

    Time has a way of makin’ peoples scatter
    but bein’ down wit the heart and soul of anotha’
    well, that has a history that matters to ya.

    Yo, Supreme, glad to see ya steppin’ on,
    and here’s to ya!

  2. wow…! I think I saw a peace you wrote on Jazz online, I would almost bet my lastest dime, it was written by you Mr. Blair Avon!!!! Question…Are you in Germany?
    xoxo Lizette
    Oh Sorry, how rude! HI Ruppert! LOL! Congrats!

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