MQ x Upper Playground: Montana Colors Artist Can

MQ x Upper Playground Montana Colors Artist Can MQ x Upper Playground: Montana Colors Artist Can
Upper Playground recently announced a collaborative project with Montana Colors to create artist series Hardcore cans by four artists. The second MTN x UP Limited Edition artist can in the series features the work of graffiti legend MQ.

Angelo Lospinuso from Montana Colors says “somebody may not agree with me, but I think MQ represents the original essence of graffiti, bombing, destroying, getting up, being infamous from the East to the West. It’s not politically correct for me to say that…. but who cares? I love this idea of graffiti and I pay the maximum respect for MQ! It’s an honor to have a dedicated Limited Edition by this timeless Bomber.”

The MTN x UP MQ Limited Edition artist can is available now at Upper Playground retail stores and online on the Upper Playground web store. (via)

One thought on “MQ x Upper Playground: Montana Colors Artist Can

  1. legend legend legend!!! i realy think people need to watch who they label a legend no disrespect to mq! he does his thing but legend! not feelin that legends come from the train era like min1′ iz the wiz’ seen’ cap’ pjay’ just name a few these are true legends!! just a lesson for you class mates learn your history get to class on time or you should just drop out!! lololololol

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