ARRA Graffiti Abatement Work Begins

LOS ANGELES–Whether simple letters or elaborate, colorful designs, tagging–or graffiti–is considered vandalism and is getting a cover-up along some 100 miles of rivers, creeks, washes and channels of the Los Angeles County Drainage Area and Santa Ana River Basin. Crews from Corps of Engineers contractor BJD Resourcing are removing graffiti by water blasting rock-grouted surfaces. According to the project manager, the process helps keep the natural look of the surface

One thought on “ARRA Graffiti Abatement Work Begins

  1. What natural look? It’s cement for fuck’s sake. Now, if they were to demolish the cement and introduce boulders and vegetation for a ecosystem then 1) there’d be nowhere to bomb so there’d be no graff probs and 2) the money wasted on water-blasting would be spent on helping indigenous species to be re-introduced…

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