Jersey Joe on the set of ‘Unstoppable’!

upcoming movie by Tony Scott : unstoppable


Once in the freight yard I was given a tour of the yard (riding in a golf cart) and filled in on what the purpose of the graffiti was. I saw the crews working hard to add new logos to engines and box cars.

Aye Dub!

I started off by walking the lines a bit and randomly placing graffiti on some cars.

I then headed back to a hanger and started on some panel pieces.

I was supplied with two wheel barrels of Rusto & Valspar (male and female valves). I did my best to make it work on no sleep, freestyling as i went.

Some of the filler…

Piled into the bed of a pick-up with the workers on the way to the catering tent…

Back to painting…

After a while I felt that the stock-tips were working better than the fat caps for outlining…Getting tired…

Really tired…

Ate some Amish chicken for dinner and managed to knock one more out…

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