Interview of OH


OH Interview

Interview of OH member of the famous KD and TNB crews. MTA stories, oldschool bombing and wildstyle from the Queens. Check it out.

FC: When did you start? Tell us about your graffiti history…
I started writing in 83, I started with the name SB cause that’s was short for my breaking name (spin bad), then I started writing kelsh but it was to long so I pick CYE. I ran with that till 85 when I hook up with Tess (xmen), Sash and Lady bug (BG). I then started writing OH cause I did a throwup on a train one day and I like the way the letters flow together. We started hitting the BMT hard till 88 when the trains started to die down with the buff. I stop maybe till 94 when I hooked up with Sash again and we started doing piece together on walls at the Phun factory till maybe 96 when we hook up with Muse and Free5,. These 2 guys were killing freights at the time. We did like 3 walls together and hit it off pretty good, they got me into doing freights but it was not the same as when I was rocking the lines, it was not my thing. Then in 98 we all had a fall out with each others, I stop till summer of 99 when me and Muse hook up again.  We were doing small production every weekend, then in 2000 we met Ovie at a wall in brooklyn. The following weekend we hook up with Ovie, Cope and Tkid to paint one of our wall in queens. We call it “Bronx meets Queens” we all hit it off from the start, we started painting with Cope every weekend, he would come to Queens we would come to the Bronx, this is the time when people were taking shit about Cope being a rat. We painting with Cope, hang out with him on some real friends shit watching big boxing matches at Muse’s crib, i don’t know were people got that Cope was a rat. But those were the haters, sorry had to get that off my chest!!

I really think that me and muse put Queens on the map as far as prouduction wise, because all the prouduction was getting done in the Bronx by some dope crew like KD, FX, TATS,  UW and me and Muse just said fuck let do our thing in Queens and we did and once we hook up with Cope it was a wrap.

oh muse graffiti queens bridge

oh muse

FC: How did you enter in the TNB crew?

I got down with TNB by my dog TKID himself, I was doing a wall with him and cope and a bunch of other writer and tkid told me to push TNB and the rest is history.

FC: How would you define your work and what inspires you?
At the bottom, there always room for improvement,what inspires me, is myself to see how far can take it.

FC: How did your style evolves?
Bit of everything from a new York style to wildstyle.

OH wildstyle graffiti

FC: What crews do you rep?
I use to rep Wallnuts, but I always rep KD and TNB.

FC: What’s your taste in movies, music and books?
I like drama movies,and for music a bit of Jay z, some Coldplay, Led Zeppin, the doors. I like any thing that sounds good
I read Broken Window, Burning new York and the Maclain crew book that’s cause I’m in all of them.

FC: Favourite quote?
An injury is much sooner forgotten,that an insult.

FC: Name an artist (or many) whose work you respect and admire?
David Choe I love his work it’s so creepy.

Oh graffiti in queens bridge

FC: What was your most adventurous and dangerous graffiti?
175st layup on the A line, there was a crew (the ballbusters) that ran that layup, we still hit it that night,that place was know for people getting fucked up and sometime stab if you got caught in there.

FC: What’s your perfect spot for the perfect graffiti?
Any where you can get your mane see. But not on any churches or kids school!

FC: What makes a good piece?
As long as it’s crisp and clean, I’ve seen niggas with dope style do burners but the shit looks sloppy (Im not gonna blow up spots) and I’ve seen the pieces that the letter are simple but the shit looks clean and crisp that to me make a good piece!

FC: Did your views on Graffiti change over time?
The shit is wack to much hating on eachothers “he said she said” bullshit, I’m to old for kids play.

FC : Your favorite colour ?
Purples and greens

Oh in action graffiti from queens

ohs graffiti

FC : Give me a list of words that represent Graffiti.

FC: Tell us your favorite graffiti History:
Well in 86 me and Tess went to cityhall layup, when we got there we check the spot out first, all seem fine so we started to bomb. Maybe 10 into it I happen to look down the layup and I spot a person creeping out from one of the trains, I told Tess to look at first it seem to maybe be an other writer then we seen him grab is radio and start to talk into it, we acted like we didn’t see him, we went under the train to the other side,here the thing people that had been in cityhall lay up know that there is only one way in and one out. So like in 3min the place was full of cops, we got on top of the train and lay there for like 3 hours till shit die down, and then we got out of there.I never went back there ever again. god was with us that night.

FC: Can you tell me about the wall you participate about 11 september?
The sept 11 wall was a part 2 of one we did in the Bronx with Cope, Irvory, Tkid, Yes2, Ces, Jew, Muse, and Jez. On the part 1 we did a big american flag with the piece ontop of the flag with a drawing of the twin towers that wall is in the book burning new York. When we did the first, we said we need to do an other one so we did a huge wall in queens that was the 911 wall part2, we did with Need, Cope, Irvory, Muse,Jez, Ewok, Jaes, Dos, and Deem. We did the after math of 911 and we did the hulk as an American super hero holding the American flag. The message was  “you knock the US down”, the wall took 3 weekend. This wall made a lot of noise in the graff game when we did it. When you ask people what wall they like that we did, 8 out 10 say this wall, I must say ewok(5mh) did all the details on the background and muse roc the hulk, every body did there share but those two kill it!!!!


FC:Any words of wisdom / shout out?
Yeah to all the young niggas getting in to the graff game, fuck what people say to you, cause we all started out as toys even the best of the best were toys, the more you paint the better, big up to my homie Shadow, Cope, Tkid, my niggs Ovie keep your head up,Ewok(5mh) my old partners Tess, Sash, and Muse,to The whole Kdcrew and TNB Crew. Peace.

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