Ket Interview

Interview with Alan Ket a raw graffiti artist, founder of Stress Mag and worldwide graffiti consultant. Topic discussed include graffiti history and business, Copenhagen whole cars, Black August and graffiti books.
ket graffiti subway

FC: Where are you from Ket? Tell us about your beginnings and your discovery of graffiti.

I was born in Jackson Heights, Queens where I lived till 1978. I moved to Miami for a few years and came back to NYC (Brooklyn) in 1982. Coming back to NY was great. There was a huge change in culture because Hip Hop was not present in Florida the way it was in Brooklyn. By the time I was in 7th grade back here in NY I was a fanatic. It was things like Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack radio show, DJ Red Alert, and college radio that got me juiced up. Not to mention hanging out in the street, seeing pieces all over my neighborhood, and hanging with b-boys. This all got me open. I mean I moved back to Williamsburg, Brooklyn which was all Puerto Rican and Hasidic Jewish. So I got down with the Puerto Rocks and that was it. Next thing you know I was practicing back spins in the communtiy center around the way.

read the ret here

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