Mathgoth Gallery

online gallery, dedicated to the legends of urban art. Mathilde and Gautier Jourdain have selected some of the most unforgettable artists : Cope2(USA), Zlotykamien (France), A1one (Iran), Taki 183 (USA), Faucheur(France), Cornbread (USA),…
Without these artists, street art and graffiti would not be as they are today.
They all have one thing in common : being absolute pioneers within their own way of expression (tag, graff, sticking, stencil…)

One thought on “Mathgoth Gallery

  1. I would not recommend buying from this gallery. First alarm bells should ring when they do not accept payment through Paypal or credit cards (which would give buyers protection). When buying from them, they sent me the art piece requested, but very poorly framed (original art piece glued over the whole surface to white board and that glued onto the frame to create a ‘floating effect’). Upon explaining my concerns, the “very helpful” gallery owner turned not so helpful. I suppose I got lucky, and got a partial refund. !! Buyer beware!!

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