photographer arrested

i just wanted to share my story.

Im a los angeles based photographer who’s been working on an artist portrait series that includes designers, painters, street artists, film makers and architects. I was arrested in feb while documenting 2 graffiti artists painting in south central. I was in jail for a little over 24 hours and they took all my photo equipment into “evidence”. Initially I was being charged Felony Vandalism, but after a few weeks it was reduced to a misdemeanor but am still dealing with it. I couldnt afford a private attorney so Im going with the public defender.

Jonas Lara

8 thoughts on “photographer arrested

    1. lol, friend, this is a project ive been working on for over 5 years as part of a documentary series. Ive covered graff artists in Los Angeles, Mexico City & Germany. Im not some hipster taking “cool pictures with my holga “, more like trying to make a historical document of something that I think is culturally significant and apparently the graduate department of School of Visual Arts thinks its important as well because I got in.

      If you knew who I was or who I was working with you probably wouldnt be running your mouth.

      – JUNK

    2. Logik,

      Please utilize a better sense of grammar, spelling, and punctuation before calling someone a “dumb fuck”.

      Unless it is “cool” to not use a comma, it shows that what little brain synapses that are left in that little head of yours are slowly dying, drowning in their last swan song.

      Though, who could blame you for blurting out something so ostentatious. Since you are, in fact, the spawn of two adults who thought utilizing a Ziploc bag and a rubberband was a good solution to replace those darn condoms that were so expensive.

      So, in here’s the wrap up for your cool little life:

      -Fortunately for you, you were born.
      -Unfortunately for your parents, the ziploc bag broke while
      in a gas station bathroom.

      Hopefully one day, you’ll realize how little you have achieved in life, and how much Jonas has gained from being who he is, and what he has done with his work.

  1. Don’t pay any mind to that logik person.

    Your work is strong Jonas all of us that are in the “know” have appreciation of what you are doing an value ur professional work. Your work is quality!!!

    I’m sure it’s just some kid from Jr high with nothing to do and has not come to realize what a grave mistake he’s done talking negative about you.

    Keep the fight! Will donate on payday hopefully u can get a private lawyer.

  2. Sounds like Logik, spelled his name with a K to be cool. So why the attituted?, well maybe cuz because some people trying to hide behind names on wall then to be ” man enough to put their real name and speak their point or their logic!” See what what I did their, if your really Logik, come out and play Yo! Most artist make art from what they know, Junk shoots what he was known most of his life and they are actually amazing, now if you are sick of seeing images of writer I got a list of fakes you can talk about. The good thing is that you started a conversation about art, ethics and being a hater, I hope that this doesn’t happen to you… That would be “ilogiKal.

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