Eaz x SubZero Festival

Straight from The Eaz Blog

“SubZERO in San Jose California on Friday, June 5 was an overwhelming success. 10,000 people took in the sites and sounds of this indie street festival.

I decided to combine spray paint with airbrushing to give the crowd at this event something to look at. I wanted to paint something that had nothing to do with graffiti for this one. I had a good time talking and building with some really great people during the event as well.

As the event progressed DeBug Magazine decided to project video of me on the side of the building while I was painting live which was quite flattering!

My girl makes some sick ass sugar skulls/accessories that we made available for this event. These two were “hella” feeling the vibe so they decided to pose for a quick photo!

These sick lighters my girl helped me put together sold like hot cakes at the event!

More hotcakes…

My girl has the quality craftsmanship straight from the Skulltry lab! These were also available at the event. She had only one left at the end of the night! Success!

– Eaz One”

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