Come on son!

The Mugsy grill, the 5 chain around the neck and on the shirt. All Elements of TC5 but look again…

This flyer was created by group of dick riders from Germany who bite images and elements that are mainstays to TC5’s legacy to further their cause.

Coincidence? I think not.

Fuck these dudes with no lube.

Die Mugsy Grill, der 5-Kette um den Hals und auf dem Hemd. Alle Elemente der TC5 aber sieh wieder …

Dieser Flyer wurde von Dick Gruppe von Reitern aus Deutschland erstellt, die Bilder und Elemente, die Säulen zu TC5 Vermächtnis für ihre Sache weiter sind

Zufall? Ich glaube nicht. Fuck diese dudes ohne Schmieröl.

3 thoughts on “Come on son!

  1. These guys bit the name of their store from us… there has been a YARD TC5 since 1986! the characters are not even a bite! I could live with that. this is an outright trace. If you look at the characters that phos4 has been biting from us… they don’t come close! but this flyer, WOW it’s so close that i thought we did it. That’s why i know it’s a trace. This is direct trace from a Dash, Doves or Chill-ski production.
    These Yard 5 wanabees have flown out Cope2, T-Kid, Ewok, Ces and Med. if they feel the need to copy, why don’t they copy these artist!… and i don’t even want to talk about the wack T-shirts they have Pimpin’ our style.

  2. its called inspiration, me personally i think its garbage anyway you look at it… like a teenager drawing the guys out there took a liking to your work i think its better they do that then people like me who see this situation like oh why is a 40+ yr old man complaining about shit like this grow the fk up bite or not if ur goin to paint walls for people to see then people are going to see it and use it to there own wants, do u got the image on tha wall copy righted i doubt that so shut up once again work a real job and put ur teenager antics in the attic

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