Q+A | EWOK ONE previewing his halcyon gallery show ‘In On the Secret’

From the streets to the galleries to the corporate hustle, EWOK ONE has been there and done that… well. Now into his second decade on the scene, the increasingly elusive graffiti legend presents In On the Secret an intimate show of drawings, sketches and models, exposing, for the first time ever, the creative process behind his iconic imagery. Ahead of the show, our man Liondub took a moment to sit with the artist and see what’s in store…

Liondub: Tell us about your new show at halcyon the shop in Brooklyn.
EWOK: Well I’ve wanted for a long time to show my work in a venue that was more personal…Something where my close and personal friends and supporters who wouldn’t normally go out to a gallery opening, can come and enjoy a good showcase of the blue print/ raw side of my work. The very first stage of a character or an idea on paper, where it was born.  I think that side of the creation process has a special beauty unlike a finalized finished canvas. I think it’s almost a window in the mind of an artist; to be able to see this intimate side of their thought process.


read the rest here


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