A retrospective of 70s and 80s NYC Subway Graffiti Writers Art on Canvas

A retrospective of 70s and 80s NYC Subway Graffiti Writers Art on Canvas (Sneakers!): HIP HOP USA SUBWAY SERIES ART EXHIBITION OPENS THURSDAY, JANUARY 6  @ AZUCARERA GALLERY 414 West 145th street between Convent and St. Nicholas Avenues, basement levelTransportation: A, B, C, D to 145th street.


Public Reception starts at 7pm.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Harlem, NYC –  James Top productions & HIP HOP USA presents: Subway Series @ Azucarera Gallery: A retrospective of 70s and 80s NYC Subway Graffiti Writers Art on Canvas (Sneakers!):  opening reception, Thursday, January 6th at 7pm. The exhibition is the first installment of the Hip Hop USA NYC Subway Art Exhibitions, which brings Graffiti art from New York City’s Subways to this fresh new medium.  Organized by Terry Nelson for Hip Hop USA, with curator and legendary graffiti artist James Top, the exhibition includes photographs of the graffiti writers original subway train work, inspirational stories behind the writers and their art recreated, from their own hand, on Hip Hop USA white canvas sneakers.  Artists represented in the exhibition include: Stay High 149, James TOP, Jester, Slave, King Bee, Vase, Ton, Sen, Ale, Az, Soe, Ozzie, Josh 5, Metro, Shadow, and many more.The exhibition illuminates unexpected facets of a familiar story — the extraordinary within the ordinary — through artwork on sneakers that compel the graffiti writers to re-examine their historic work with fresh eyes and nimble hands.  The artworks’ play goes against the traditional notion that art must be elevated beyond everyday life in both content and medium.The artists in this exhibition reveal the poetry and magic of one the purist elements of Hip Hop. From spray paint, to airbrush, to colored pens, to the electronic, their works continues to be relevant for American and global artists.Artists in this exhibition were drawn to a medium in the 70s and 80s, that unbeknownst to them, had a shelf-life that would soon expire.  But spanning more the 20 years, New York city subway art continues to inspire.  These works present a record of the culture in which they were created on the medium of choice for the once and future Hip Hop generation worldwide: Sneakers!  An art experience that you can walk away in…

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