Cutting it up with Greg Lamarche

A friend of mine back in high school lived in Queens, somewhere off of Northern Blvd., I remember when I would head out there, I’d see your (SP) throw-ups and always said to myself, “now, that’s class”…give us a little background and the beginnings of Sp.One.

I started writing Sp.One in 1981 and never really stopped. I had a few names before that and settled on Spankey. But after a few months I out grew that and shortened it to Spy. Every neighborhood had someone who wrote Spy so I decided that was too generic and I ended up with Sp1.  When I started writing back then a lot of people in Queens had two letter names, like Cd3, Sf7 and Ku2, so it just fit. I was one of the only writers in my crew that could piece but most of the time it was all about bombing.  So I spent most of my time getting up rather than doing nice pieces.


(Sp.One/KYO,(Keylo), Long Island Expressway, Queens, NY 1988)



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