VGA Interview: Big DOVES TC5 FC True City Kid

For the cliche interview kick off, tell us a little about yourself.

BIG DOVES TC5 FC TRUE CITY KID from Manhattan’s Lower East Side (very cliche)

Your canvases that incorporate Lo and Face get a lot of love amongst our readers/forum members. Could you tell us about when and how you got into rockin’ the gear?

To be VERY honest, I was a very late bloomer to certain heads, even back in 97-99 when I actually fit in shit.  I caught the very end of that era.  I was on Broadway heavy at that time so I saw every borough swing through.  From all the BTC dudes, BOGI and the Violator kids to seeing SNOT and REHAB rocking. SEGE along with guys like DBS, RABBIT, VAZ, SABE, AKROCK, FUME, KEL, FOES, REMO, WILD, REK, NUFF, SHAKA, SCRAM, etc.  We either met up at McDonalds or Wendys and upon rolling up to give dap, I was always amazed how so many heads rocked Lo and Face.  That image was forever stuck in my head on how dope heads looked posted up in front of ATRIUM stylin’ on niggas hollering at bitches (head nurses.)  Most of them dudes pretty much put me on to what was what.


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