Probably one of my favorite cap Supreme has ever made, and one of my favorite artist collaborations from any brand. The collab is special in many ways, RAMMELLZEE hand sprayed all the hats, and backpacks in NYC, so each hat / pack was unique. Also one of the very first artist collabs Supreme ever did. I own about 3 of these hats and one of them still has tags on it. They don’t go for too much because I don’t think a lot of kids are into wearing it / owning a special piece of work from a very underrated artist (in my opinion) and aren’t willing to dish out 60 – 120 dollars for the cap.

The one listed here is an even more special one, the auction is to raise money for The Style Wars Restoration Fund. And from what it looks like is that this was ZEE’s own cap that he wore often (hence the wear / price) and is from ZEE’s wife, Carmela. I’m geeking out, and I wish it was cheaper. Also comes with a photograph of him wearing the cap and a nice case for the cap.

be sure to check out the other things that auctioncause2 has, some great gems including a 16 x 20 photo of ZEE in his BATTLE STATION shot by Charlie Ahearn in 2005. (via) FULL STYLEWARS RESTORATION AUCTION HERE

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