Easy, Extended Interview

Going into his third decade in the game, Easy TDM RLB TNR, continues to go anywhere without fear and do his thing, thug style.

Have you ever written another name?
EASY: I believe towards the middle or the end of 1982, at that time I was using my rap name, LC. A total newbie who didn’t have too much knowledge about graffiti, I only knew of Sen4, Fixer and Dillenger. Sen4 is like a big brother, Fixer was a good friend, and Dillenger is my older cousin as well as Josh5’s older brother. We go way back, I mean right after we got out of Pampers. What’s so ironic is that these weren’t the guys who inspired me to write graffiti. It was my older brother who manipulated me into this art form. I remember going to the 3 Train to watch his back while he was motion bombing his name, SinOne, inside the trains with shoe dye. When he got to the tail end of that bottle, he forcibly passed it to me and told me to take some tags on the door and I said, “What I’m going to get out of this?” He said “fame.” I reluctantly took some tags on the door and knew that it wasn’t for me.

Until that one day I was going to school with a few friends. It was two weeks after taking those tags my brother forced me to do. I’ve seen them while going to school on the 3 Train and told my friend “Yo, I did that and I’m SinOne’s brother.” They were in awe because SinOne was my brother. All I can do at that point is remember what he said to me two weeks prior: “You do this for fame.” From that point on my ultimate goal was to get fame no matter what it took, although I did not have a game plan at the time.


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