Reebok Classics Presents: World Piecebook Pt. 2

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In part two of Reebok’s Piece Book series, we discover the important role that piecebooks—or sketchbooks–have played in the global expansion of graffiti culture. We learn the definition of what Classic means in writing culture via the distinct painting styles illustrated by artists like West, Cope 2, Ewok 5MH, PEZ, How and Nosm, Erni “Paze” Vales and more. With three books on the subject under their belt, David Vilorente / Chino BYI, and Sacha Jenkins SHR have presented the most definitive exploration of piecebook culture.

Photos Courtesy of Henry Chalfant, How and Nosm, Erni Vales, WANE, Ellen Wattson Foto 156, David Villorente / Chino BYI, Greg Lamarche SP.ONE, Ven AOK, and James SEXER Rodriguez.
Directed By Nathan Peracciny
Produced By
Music produced: Tone Atlas, Courtersy of DTR
Translation by Julie Bee and Heather Gertis

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