MODE2: The full interview for “Beyond The Street”, Die Gestalten Verlag 2010

As you might know, Mode2 is back on his blog at 12oz , and he started clearing some points..

One of the reasons I wanted to have my 12oz Prophet account reactivated, was so I could show you how in this day and age, so-called reputable publishers such as Die Gestalten Verlag are actively participating in a re-writing of our shared history. What I am about to trawl through is something that happened two years ago, but is an indication of what has been happening with the publishing of many books that set down the history of our culture in stone, so that, years from now, when you claim that in reality things were actually different than what was written; people will stare at you as if you’re crazy. I didn’t believe that this thing would still be going on, thinking that it’s more to do with older publications covering certain but not all aspects of New York City history and so on; but it seems as if the re-writing of what really was is something that goes on all the time, depending on the vested interests of the authors and publishers.

This is going to be a long-ass article, so please get your cup of tea, your biscuits, or your bottle of wine, before reading on…*


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