Interview by Avi Friedman
Interview with RAMMELLZEE November 2009
Appeared in SNEEZE NO.6 WINTER 09 “gift wrap issue”
Words cannot describe Rammellzee. In his case, letters as symbols and equations should do the talking. Adamant about writing only on trains, Rammellzee began painting New York City subways in the late seventies with legends such as Dondi, Iz The Wiz, Ink76, and Doctor Revolt. The once Far Rockaway gang leader views the subway system and the train yards as the world’s biggest museum. Legit, above-ground galleries in the US and Europe house his work, described in Art in America as having a “Star Wars via Jackson Pollock look.” More recently, Rammellzee was part of the group show, “Subculture Capital,” held at Anonymous Gallery in New York with artists such as Ronnie Cutrone.

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