Writer on tour

UTAH & ETHER X CAP ADAPTERS – Part 4; “24 Hours In Taipei”

http://www.OinkArtLtd.com presents UTAH & ETHER of the MUL Crew – Part 4.
This video showcases SEKT Cap Adapters being tested in the Taipei. Taipei City is the capital of the Republic of China (Taiwan). SEKT Cap Adapters from Oink Art Ltd allow writers to use traditional caps on spray paint cans with the male valve system.

7 thoughts on “Writer on tour

  1. Fuck yeah this is totally hardcore this bitch Utah is fucking bombdified and dude Jim totally brings the ether to that fucking spic copes ass keep rocking dudes y’all are the greats!! Totally Awesome and rad!

  2. I just want to come home and sleep in my own bed, this cot is getting played out and this skinny bitch stopped suckin me off over a year ago. fml.

  3. On the lamb go suck a horse dick dude these guys are banging boogie boards in Thai no one wants to come home this video proves it you jock itch symptom pretty sure dude Jim is having orgies while Utah is strapping on destroying chink pussy! Oh fuck yeah kid!!

  4. serg they got chased out of their own country by one man who they chose to make a skape goat out of bcuz that skinny bitch doesnt wanna look bad to her crew, no body is boogie boarding beledat, they are on the run with no place to go and before that they hid out and painted in abandon buildins cuz they got punched when they came out of their hidden cave on valentines day. they backed themselves into a corner and have no place left to go. thats nothing to envy duke, this is the antics of wealthy white kids who can afford to make mistakes, only problem is they chose to poke a sleeping bear and now cope has them having nightmares.

    all this hype and bullshit will clear up and in the end everyone will know utah was a spoiled rich girl who made some expensive amatuer mistakes and it brought down everyone else. what i dont understand is how mul still lets her rock the crew.

  5. and you! you fooled by these subberb kids, got you dancin around for them like a uncle sam ghetto pass. wake up boy

  6. these herb ass mofos could never bomb like that in nyc!!!! theyll get destroyed and they know it fakeass mofos!!! hong kong is my next spot!! ya fucked with the wrong mofo!!!! see im built for this shit i was taught from the best
    iz the wiz’ seen’ pjay and cap!!! and you get no better than that!!!
    true god of destruction is coming!!!

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