I met SP in a layup back in 1987. The RR train. I believe the train was parked between the Broadway and 36th Avenue stops. He was with his boys Dash MDC and Hush Sports. I was with my man Sate who would go on to be a drill sergeant in the US Army, in addition to living through multiple tours of duty in various Middle-Eastern conflicts. Anyway, that night, the cops raided the spot. Dash broke free and jetted to the Broadway station, bouncing on that old-ass wood that typically suspended trackworkers above angry New York traffic. Hush and SP got bagged though. Happens to the best of ‘em, happens to the worst of ‘em. Sate and me hopped on the train with our long bum coats on.

Greg “SP” Lamarche has come a long way from his days as a tunnel rat. Today, SP has transitioned his passion for letterforms into the world of fine art. There’s a real science behind what he crafts and it is a sharp reflection of what his eyes have witnessed as he made his way through the streets of the Big Apple. So open wide. Just try no to bite too hard. His new one man show, “Timeless,” just blasted off at the Joshua Liner gallery in NYC. Treat your eyes to something nice if you’re in the vicinity. Better yet, keep your eyes happy by purchasing his work.

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