10 thoughts on “[More] Ces and the E-characters

    1. wow 123 must be a old washed up writer that hates when writers actually think outside the box and get creative ….. he probably still sleeps on his moms couch

  1. puertoricanrickross what does sleeping a couch have to do with anything?

    I like it but not really inspiring.

  2. i totally agree that CES is a king in this game… but i remember a time when dude would bomb with PIECES… IE down by the old wetlands.. and grand st parking lot, etc… … now he’s doing these in a backyard….. just sayin’

  3. heads get older and cant keep doing it to the magnitude they did like when they were young. you cant freeze time. that time happened and ces did it to the maximum extent. if you like his work just be happy he still paints and live in the now.

    1. ^^^^ well said. I agree. There comes a time in every writers career that they slow down and concentrate on bigger and better things in life. CES has clearly mastered the game in every aspect.

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