6 thoughts on “Sketchbook : Step by Step by Cope2

  1. @mrcope2 why did you act like vandal squad on cas’s pic a few post back? impersonating a nypd officer smh your a fucking lame individual 45 years old playing CPU online pranks well I guess since your a big time celeb your claim your account was hacked fuck you! you oversized chuckie cheese mouse!

  2. Not surprising and this is a guy who claims he never uses fake names and then using a Law enforcement name on top of that knowing you can get in trouble by the Law for impersonating a police officer , But not Cope2 especially when he s recieveing NYPD benefits. Wait wasn’t Casino India Hubby at one point? Wow on top of being a Snitch he settles for sloppy seconds. Hey Fernando how does it feel to taste another man dick you rat? Well this is a prime example when you work for NYPD and settle for sloppy seconds. Cope best advice Dive in your toilet and swim in it!!!

  3. So I scrolled back to cas’s post and the comments is gone so what happen mrcope2 contacted the site’s administrator to erase the comments because he slipped up being a dick not mad at the boy French who runs the site for doing so but cope realized he fucked up and got the spill cleaned up!!! We all know when you use a email that’s registered to a WordPress site it turns blue and links you to the website also you have motive to bother him because of who your in love with once loved him sad chuckie cheese mouse…@ WYW thanks for your site:) gives us an opportunity to keep entertained by such a clown!

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