Patrick Vogt (pictures and text) : From my Hip Hop vault,
sharing a piece of History.



Here’s an original Denver Post press photo from 1985 featuring “A-One” and Ken “Spark” Collado working on the “Candy’s “Clothing store mural – 4483 N. Broadway. Jan 23. 1985

Anthony “A-One” Clark started painting at the age of 6. Very early his parents, noticed his artistic abilities and pushed him later on to enroll a school of art, something he always refused. He finally studied architecture. During this period he will continue to refine his work on canvas and also by continuing spray painting his name on the streets.

A-One was a member of the Tmk crew, “the Tag Master Killers”, including members such as Toxic, Delta, Koor, and Rammellzee who was the instigator of the crew.

He began spray painting in mid 70’son subway cars, his top-to-bottom were know for their originality and style, outstanding the traditional creations of that time. His work on trains were full of energy and insisted that the photographer Henry Chalfant kept photographic traces of his works.

His first exhibition was held at the Fashion Moda gallery in New York, but his greatest artistic recognition occurred in Europe, where he participate at the Venice Biennale, he was one of the youngest artists to participate.

A-One died at the age of 37 in Paris, France. Paris where he had chosen to live, in the midst of emulation and artistic recognition, “reaching the summit of A, mountain of dreams”, as he said a few years earlier.

Intel: www.speerstra.net

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