COST KRT made the cover of @villagevoice and hit the @profreshionalism blackbook

Cost Krt :

holdin’ down the cover story on this weeks Village Voice with ENX…in boxes on Wednesday morning, March 27th thru April 2nd…dip yee ole grubbers into one of them red boxes & grab yourself a copy today!!


rocking’ it whole car “Roller Style” in a black book!!… Ok, so someone passes me this black book, and when I open it I expect to see all blank pages…but to my surprise every page in the book already has a train car pre-printed on it…I guess I’m pretty out the loop or something and didn’t expect to see this type of “train style” black book…Long story short, I thought this was the opportune moment to rock my first roller in a black book…seemed quite fitting…and for a footnote: if the trains were still the way NYC transit was back in the days, you can rest assured you’d be seein’ dozens & dozens of these bad boys rollin’ whole car style down the tracks of the MTA!!


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