@THE_OLD_NEW_YORK interview @blackisbeautiful


Writer / Historian / United States Marine / New Yorker

What do you use black markers for in your day-to-day activities ?

Black ink is the only authorized color to write on any document in the Marine Corps, so I use a black marker quite frequently. We use duct tape for everything in the Marines so I often use black markers for labelling at work.

During my off time, as Skeme says in Stylewars “I use them to doodle”.

I also use them for making my own labels and stickers. I’m always mailing stuff out and nothing works better for labelling and lettering than a black marker.

What types of black markers do you prefer to use ?

A crisp, broad Pilot Jumbo Marker has always been number one in my book. Their nibs are strong and durable, and you can refill it with ink. I’ve always been a person that doesn’t want the nibs of my markers messed up. I used to recycle nibs from one marker to another to preserve the nib quality.

For outdoor use I prefer oil based black ink mixed with drops of red ink. The red tone is barely visible through the black, makes the ink harder to paint over, and gives the ink a resistance to the fading effects of the sun and other exterior conditions.

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