NOW: @indie184 : Phenomenon (@kweenzdestroy)

NEW BEDFORD MA 13, 2013 – August 10, 2013
Opening reception: Saturday, July 13, 2013 7-10p
UGLYgallery is proud to present PHENOMENON a solo exhibition by Indie 184.
Graffiti is the lexicon of the street. As far back as the stone age, the element of leaving ones mark, has been communicated through the walls of our environment. Indie184’s transformative approach to graffiti awakens the spirit of the contemporary art world. Los Angeles, Paris, and New York have been host to her last three solo exhibitions over the past year. Her drive to create art both on the streets and in galleries, has taken her around the world from Bronx to Berlin, over the last decade. A burgeoning phenomenon in graffiti, Indie’s work strikes balance between the energy of the streets, and the power of femininity. The imagery, color, texture, and subject define a level of clarity in her application of art to canvas, concrete, and clothing.
Indie’s arrival to New Bedford, with more than a dozens new works, will include works on canvas, print, clothing and other surfaces. The use of aerosols, plaster, paste, acrylic paint, and paper give the viewer a wide exchange of the media reflected in the traditional graffiti setting, reimagined into wall art intended for use in a nontraditional graffiti setting. The art of branding a particular location has evolved from nuisance to renaissance, and laymen and fine art collector alike converge in a space of somewhere between here and there. This dreamy element of romanticized figurative collaging averse to the elements of raw graffiti, all delicately packaged in beautiful messages told through
color and words. The collision of thought process and application express a voice screaming from the roof tops that, she has arrived.
For 13 years now, the Dominican-American, New York native has been propagating her message on the streets she calls home and walls worldwide, she calls her own. Indie’s work has been featured commercially from best-selling video games like Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto IV to premium brands like MAC cosmetics. She has been a contributing artist in exhibitions and auctions worldwide and an outspoken voice in the street art community of New York City. Her place in the archives of the contemporary voice of street art is fostering a growth that is quickly taking her to the top of her profession. Her collaborative work with world renowned female street artists like Swoon, Fafi, and Aiko put her in a class of the future of female street art influencers. Her rise does not come without hard work. As entrepreneur, artist and mother, Indie is the definition of modern women living in the renaissance of an art form that is part of the vocabulary of a generation. UGLYgallery proudly presents, with much honor and respect, INDIE184. Phenomenon. July 13, 2013- August 10, 2013. Join us on Saturday July 13th as we celebrate, with Indie, her new works.
For more information, contact: UGLYgallery
246 Union St NBMA 02740 Phone: 508.971.4936


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