Saster sat down with Kr One from Queens for a talk :

Saster: It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with you. Last time I saw you, you were breaking into SUV’s. Has art recently replaced your car stealing hobby?

KR ONE: Lol, Thats’ funny. Yes, I gave up robbing cars, got chased a minute ago. I was in a DeLorean with Ace Frehley and almost crashed into the divider doing 110. Got away though. Ace got busted but he didn’t rat on me.

Saster: I know one of your biggest influences is Don One. Can you explain a little on his history and how he influenced you?

KR ONE: Man, DON 1 was a huge influence and inspiration to me. His pieces were the first that I’d ever seen that had characters replacing letters and using burner hot colors. His tag style was just so nasty and tight. He was an enigmatic writer that my friends and I would wonder about. President of the coolest sounding clique ever! MAFIA: Masters Administration For Incredible Artists. It turned out he was from the same Astoria, Queens hood as I am from. I started writing in 1977, the same year he quit. Some of his whole cars ran into the 80′s, untouched. That’s respect. He influenced my tag style a lot and his pieces were ahead of their time. So, he stood out so much on the BMT’s. The BMT’s at the time were mainly being killed with throw ups. This cat influenced DONDI, so that weighs pounds!

I just penned a book about him titled “DON 1: The King From Queens” It’s available now to pre-order on

It drops in January 2014.

The book will definitely turn many heads. His life is a compelling rise and fall that ends with hope, and his photos are truly amazing. Its all the lines that were never documented in any of the other Graff related books that have come out. DON 1 puts the BMT’s on the map in a big way. It took about 9 years to happen, but here it is!2mint-2012-merged-copy

read the rest here

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