The Street Artists of Brazil


Nunca and Os Gêmeos are among the most famous practitioners of Brazilian street art: their work, which can now be found in cities all over the world, received a kind of institutional seal of approval when the Tate Modern put on a major exhibition of street art in 2008. But they never stopped making art outdoors. ‘They are still almost all working at an amazing rate on the street, illegally,” says Rafael Schacter, an honorary research fellow in anthropology at London’s University College. Schacter is the author of “The World Atlas of Street Art and Graffiti,” to be published by Yale University Press in September. Vitché, whose work is featured in the book, says that when he began making street art he was protesting the destruction of nature in favor of big cities. Now his art is influenced by the political climate and corruption in Brazil: “I’ve connected with this situation since I was born.”

Julie Bosman


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